Wednesday, September 10, 2014

11 Months

Carter's just 1 month away from being 1 year old!

- He is standing on his own now (from sitting on the floor with no support)!

- He has climbed the whole flight of stairs, only one day after figuring how to do just one step. Now he does this repeatedly throughout the day (now he just needs to figure out how to get down!).

- He is now in daycare full time, and he LOVES it! He eats well, sleeps well, and is super happy when we pick him up.

Both boys on their way to daycare (Evan's last day, Carters 2nd full day)

- He often says "ma ma" and "da da", but not really in context.

- He says "ba" very often when referring to balls - which are his favourite toy! He even loves to play pass with us, which astounds us. He's making new sounds all the time, like "pa" or "nay".

- He cut one of his top middle teeth, and it was a rough few days, but now he's back to his old, fun-loving self. It does make it easier to eat things like apples :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week Reflection

I have completed my first week of my BEd. program!

It was overwhelming, exciting, a bit boring at times, stressful, and fun!

I am really enjoying the majority of the courses. There are a couple that I'm not all that excited about, but I can see how they'll be useful.

One thing I've been really impressed with - as a stark contrasts to my previous university experiences - is the quality of the teaching! I guess I should have expected as much in a Faculty of Education, but I guess I just associate status-quo university style teaching with university (no matter what Faculty).

The best part is our teaching subject courses are taught by actual K-12 teachers! So, not only can they teach us about new and different teaching techniques, but can also give us tips on suggestions with how to navigate the job market, how to deal with behaviour issues, etc. Basically, they can give us an "insider" and practical perspective on what it's really like to teach K-12 students. Because it's all well and good to know the theory, but it's the practical stuff that truly makes a great teacher.

Going into my second week I still feel a bit overwhelmed, especially with the amount of reading that is assigned, but I feel more confident that I will be able to get through this, enjoy it, and come out at the end happy with what I was able to accomplish.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of JK

Today is Evan's first day of junior kindergarten! In Ontario, kids start full-day kindergarten in the year they turn 4! Seems young, but at least the cost is much lower than daycare :D

He had been acting fairly nonchalant about the whole thing - unlike me, who has been crying randomly the last couple of week thinking my baby is GROWING UP way to fast!

The last few days though, he's been getting excited about it! He was practically giddy this morning as we put his backpack together and got ready to head to school for the first time.

Both DH and I took him to school and when we got there, he didn't want to hold my hand through the parking lot because he's a BIG BOY!! (and then proceeded to bail right in front of the principal!)

We brought him into the classroom (where he'll be before/after school too - bonus!). He was a bit shy at first, holding on my leg and giving DH big hugs.

But, then he found his cubby, put his backpack in there, and then promptly found a huge bag of dinosaurs. He took them to the play area, started talking to the other boy who was there, and went to town. After that, we were pretty much invisible to him.

When we said our goodbyes, we could barely get him to stop playing for 2 seconds! This was the only picture DH could get of me and him because he was so busy!

I drove by the school on my way to MY school* and he was in a line with about 30 other tiny kids with their huge backpacks heading inside. He looked happy as a clam.

I'm so proud of my big boy!!

*I will blog about this in the next few days I hope - things are CRAZY right now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Day

Today is my last day of maternity leave before I head to school. I flip-flop between being slightly sad to not have the kids around to feeling WOOHOO about not having the kids around and doing my own thing and being nervous about a bunch of stuff...

- Will I be able to cope, especially with my fatigue? It's still a factor, and some days I get so tired it makes me cry. My other deficits come out more when I'm tired too. I'm scared that this will be a problem at school, and especially during practicum where I have to be in a high school by 7:30/8am and be there all day.

- I'm SO scared of the daycare (and kindergarten) sickness train(s). I'm scare of getting sick myself. I'm scared of having to take time away from classes/practicum to care for sick kids (or myself), and DH having to do this too. I'm scare that it's going to go on and on and make the next few months a living hell. I'm just hoping the professors and teachers will be understanding of this.

- I'm worried about how all the logistics will work out - between my schedule changing between when I'm at classes (3 days a week I won't get home until 7pm :( ) and when I'm doing practicum, and what that means for pick-up/drop-offs for the boys, which of course will be at different locations and different times. Having to make lunches, how our routines are going to change.

- Last, and probably the most important, how are the kids going to deal with all the changes? How will our family deal with all the changes?

I know once things get going and we get into our new routines, things will calm down and roll along nicely. I know that I'll enjoy school and think it will be a fun year in that sense, and I know it will be worth it in the end,  but my mind keeps going back to these worries and wondering how the next few weeks and months will go.

What are your own stories (good or bad) of going through a big transition for yourself or your family? How did you cope? Those with kids who have done daycare and then transitioned to school, was there another bout of sickness? Those with more than 1 kids, how was daycare sickness the 2nd (or more) time around? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

All The Feelings

Sorry that it's been pretty quiet around here. We're getting geared up for all the BIG changes coming up in the next couple of weeks which is bringing up ALL the FEELINGS.

Yes, for the past several months I've been looking forward to starting school and shipping the kids off to daycare and kindergarten. I will FINALLY get time on my own to do my OWN thing! Let those poor early childhood educators deal with them now!

It's still exciting, on all three accounts...but --- quite predictably - I'm feeling sadness too...and I'm a bit scared!

My little big boy is going to BIG school. He doesn't really nap anymore, and does lots of things by himself that he never used too.

My little little boy is getting bigger and is ready for daycare. He's standing on his own two feet - very literally - these days (or at least learning too...but without help from me, really).

WAHHH!!! They don't need me anymore! I'm going to miss them but they won't miss me!! I want them to miss me, but not too much!!

Everything will all be good in a couple of weeks, and we'll all do great. BUT, I'm going to cry like a baby when I drop Evan off at his first day of kindergarten and when I drop Carter off at his first full day of daycare. At least I know I probably won't be the only one!